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Exceptional Opportunities For Exceptional Clients


Positioned at the heart of talent and sports, NGT is positioned to create and secure limitless opportunities for those who makes us cheer, those who make us weep, those who make us laugh and those who make us think.

Across Sport, Film, Television, Books, Modelling, Music and beyond, we are positioned to represent and develop an Elite and select list of new and established talent including leading Actors, Directors, Writers, Producers, Musical Artists, Comedians, Authors, Athletes, Presenters, Models, Broadcasters and more.

In service of them, we are committed to becoming the strongest, loyalist, most supportive and most innovative service company in the world.

NGT is built on its five founding principles:


1.Openness: Providing an open book of limitless, exceptional opportunities for exceptional clients

2. Teamwork: A commitment to innovation and open collaboration across the agency.The whole agency has an input and a stake in every client, working tirelessly to find the best opportunities for them

3. Loyal and Trustworthy: An open welcoming culture, building networks and relationships with strategic partners across the globe to best position our clients

4. Availability: We are always there for our clients, no matter the time of day or the issue, we are always open and available to solve any problem big or small. We are committed to building careers and long lasting relationships.

5. Encouragement: An open submission policy, we will NEVER close our books to new submissions and always want to hear from you, we are always open to finding The Next Big Thing.

Our collaborative approach means our clients are positioned with fantastic and unique opportunities to build their careers and their brands across multiple disciplines and platforms.

As our global presence and network expands in the coming months and years, we will utilise it to ensure that our clients achieve their goals. Positioned to offer access to the brightest minds from Los Angeles to Melbourne and everywhere in between. Our support will be available to our clients every second of every day across the globe.

 We are all set to be one of the fastest growing Talent Agencies in the world thanks to an aggressive expansion plan rooted in the highest quality of service for our clients.

We are also committed to supporting our communities and those in greatest need, providing opportunities where they are sparse and generally being a positive force in particular in those locations where we are based or will be based in the future.

With an insatiable passion and determination to succeed for our clients, NGT is committed to creating and executing unique and market setting deals whilst providing the comfort and happiness of a loyal and trusting relationship. Newlands Global Talent will never waver from its' founding five principles-Openness, Teamwork, Loyalty and Trust, Availability and Encouragement.

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