Enzo Benvenuti

Oxford School Of Drama Graduate

Class of 2020

Oxford School of Drama Class of 2020 graduate Enzo has been blessed with a warmth and a natural likeability that draws the audience in and ensures they are taken along for the ride regardless of the role he is playing. Comfortable in serious and comedic roles, he is perfectly positioned to be one of the screen stars of the next generation.


2020, Stage, Writer/Soldier/‘Three’, NO PARTICULAR ORDER, The Oxford School of Drama, Josh Roche

2019, Stage, Director, ROBERTO ZUCCO, The Oxford School of Drama, Enzo Benvenuti, Eliza Kessell

2019, Stage, Reverend Hale, THE CRUCIBLE, The Oxford School of Drama, Cathal Cleary

2019, Stage, Turio, THE TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA, The Oxford School of Drama, Marieke Audsley

2019, Stage, Lissardo, THE WONDER, The Oxford School of Drama, Cordelia Monsey

2018, Stage, Platonov, WILD HONEY, The Oxford School of Drama, Max Key

2018, Stage, Frank Gibbons, THIS HAPPY BREED, The Oxford School of Drama, Steve Woodward, Juliet Seal

2019, Radio, Sir William Penn, THE DIARY OF SAMUEL PEPYS, The Oxford School of Drama, Jane Morgan

2019, Radio, Thomas Pepys, THE DIARY OF SAMUEL PEPYS, The Oxford School of Drama, Jane Morgan

2019, Radio, Mike, SETTING A GLASS, The Oxford School of Drama, Jane Morgan

2020, Short Film, Pete, BIG THINGS, The Oxford School of Drama, Dylan Brown

2019, Short Film, Feste, TWELFTH NIGHT, The Oxford School of Drama, Dylan Brow

2020, Rehearsed Reading, Yacob, CIRCLE GAME, The Oxford School of Drama, Hannah Hauer-King

2020, Workshop, IMMACULATE, Les Enfants Terrible, Christa Harris

Enzo Benvenuti Showreel
HamletEnzo Benvenuti
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Gunner Herbert SmithEnzo Benvenuti
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Crime and PunishmentEnzo Benvenuti
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