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Fern-Louise Sutton

Oxford School Of Drama Graduate

Class of 2020

Oxford School of Drama Class of 2020 Graduate Fern-Louise is a phenomenally gifted young actor who with her facial expressions and body language can illustrate intimately, the nature of the scene to the audience. A hard worker and diligent professional, for her, a fantastic future awaits…


  • 2020, Stage, Citizen 1/Teacher, NO PARTICULAR ORDER, Oxford School of Drama, Josh Roche

  • 2019, Stage, Girl, ROBERTO ZUCCO, Oxford School of Drama, Eliza Kessell, Enzo Benvenuti

  • 2019, Stage, Rebecca Nurse/Ezekiel Cheever, THE CRUCIBLE, Oxford School of Drama, Cathal Cleary

  • 2019, Stage, Julia, THE TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA, Oxford School of Drama, Marieke Audsley

  • 2019, Stage, Inis/Vasquez/Servant, THE WONDER, Oxford School of Drama, Cordelia Monsey

  • 2019, Stage, Ismene, THE RIOT ACT, Oxford School of Drama, Steve Woodward

  • 2018, Stage, Anna Petrovna, WILD HONEY, Oxford School of Drama, Max Key

  • 2018, Stage, Phillis/Mrs Flint, THIS HAPPY BREED, Oxford School of Drama, Juliet Seal, Steve Woodward

  • 2017, Stage, Viola, TWELFTH NIGHT, LAMDA, Kirsty Bushell

  • 2016, Stage, Elena, PHILISTINES, LAMDA, Donnacadh O'Briain

  • 2016, Stage, Estella, GREAT EXPECTATIONS, Inspire Academy, Luke Gell

  • 2020, Short Film, Charlie, THE SKIP, The Oxford School of Drama, Dylan Brown

  • 2019, Short Film, Viola, TWELFTH NIGHT, Oxford School of Drama, Dylan Brown, George Peck

  • 2019, Radio, Mrs Burrows/Deb, SAMUEL PEPYS DIARIES, Oxford School of Drama, Jane Morgan

  • 2019, Radio, Ellie, SETTING A GLASS, Oxford School of Drama, Jane Morgan

  • 2020, Rehearsed Reading, Loulla, CIRCLE GAME, The Oxford School of Drama, Hannah Hauer-King

  • 2018, Rehearsed Reading, Various Roles, A CHRISTMAS CAROL, Oxford School of Drama, Tommo Fowler

  • 2020, Workshop, IMMACULATE, Les Enfants Terrible, Christa Harris

  • 2020, Workshop, HEAVY METAL, Oxford School of Drama, Will Maynard

  • 2020, Workshop, FALLEN, Oxford School of Drama, Nadia Papachronopoul

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Fern-Louise Sutton
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