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Jasmine Linsdell

East 15 Graduate

Class of 2020

East 15 Class of 2020 Graduate Jasmine, is a hugely versatile actor, being as comfortable doing comedy as she is doing serious drama. Jasmine easily develops chemistry and a bond with the audience, an invaluable trait. She has an incredibly exciting and varied future ahead of her.


Cabaret, Ensemble, WHO GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO DIE, East 15 Acting School, Philip Weaver

Radio, Kasey, THE WALL, East 15 Acting School, Jeremy Mortimer

Stage, Helen, A TASTE OF HONEY, East 15 Acting School, Gerry McAlpine

Stage, El Capitane, COMMEDIA DELL'ARTE, East 15 Acting School, Geoff Beale

Stage, Diane, CONSENSUAL, East 15 Acting School, Richard Graham

Stage, Jonesy, DEEP CUT, East 15 Acting School, Charlotte Thompson-Lillie

Stage, Goneril/Choreographer, KING LEAR, East 15 Acting School, Jeremy Mortimer

Stage, Varya, THE CHERRY ORCHARD, East 15 Acting School, John Gillet

Stage, Kat, WORLDS END, Tristan Bates Theatre, John Gillett

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