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Kat Murphy

Kat is a New York-based Meisner trained Actor, Voice Over Artist and Dialectician working in Theatre, Film, Commercials and Voice Overs.

Originally from Glasgow, Scotland (although she rarely gets the opportunity to use her accent), Kat began her acting training at Langside College and started her acting career in the incredible Peter Mullan’s (The Magdalene Sisters, Ozark, Top of the Lake) internationally award-winning feature NEDS. NEDS won multiple awards at the Scottish BAFTA’s, San Sebastian Film Festival and debuted in the US at TriBeCa Film Festival before its theatrical release.

Kat is a proud graduate of the 3-year Conservatory Training program at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and of the Academy Theatre Company. Since graduating, Kat has continued to work on her craft with classes at The Freeman Studio, Stephen Ditmyer’s Meisner Intensives, and Ellen Parks’ On Camera while concurrently sharpening her Voice Over skills with Andy Roth, Roger Becker and many others.

Kat has had the pleasure of originating roles in new pieces of theatre with some of New York’s most exciting theatre companies; The Amoralists, Spicy Witch Productions and Whitelisted Theatre Company to name a few. She has also led classic plays such as Agatha Christie’s Appointment with Death for the Gallery Players Theatre in Brooklyn.

As a Voice Over artist Kat has voiced projects for Adidas,, and Johnnie Walker and many others. Growing up, Kat always had a passion for dialects and continue to play, hone her craft and work on projects from her home studio.

As an Actor, Kat believes in the power of Theatre and its ability to create a little more space in the mind of the audience. she believes that magic happens on stage, which is why Kat fell in love with acting in the first place. Kat is a firm advocate for equal rights in all facets, and plans to continue to breathe life into new stories while changing minds and creating my own inclusive pieces of theatre in the near future.

Appointment With Death 2019 Stage Dr Sarah King Voice Over 2019 

Enozo Commercial Voice Over 2019

Adidas Adicolour Voice Over 2019

Johnnie Walker International Commercial Voice Over 2018

Pondlife McGurk Rehearsed Reading 2017 Origin Theatre Company

Wrong Number 2016 Stage Hudson Theatre Company

The C*nt 2015 Stage Darla Dandelion Spicy Witch Productions

The Hurtling Stillness 2015 Stage Lulu The Whitelisted Theatre Comapny

The Skeleton Crew 2015 Web Series Veronica Sidekick Productions

Tracks 2015 Stage Ensemble Silverspoon Productions

Nosce Te Ipsum 2014 Stage Witch Sidekick Prodcutions

God of Carnage 2013 Stage Anette The Academy Theatre Comapny

Rumors 2013 Stage Chris The Academy Theatre Company

Somdomite- The Loves Of Oscar WIlde 2013 Stage Constance Sidekick Productions

The Cheaters Club 2013 Stage Bianca The Amoralists 

Neds 2010 Feature Film Claire WIldbunch Peter Mullan

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