Louis Pieris

Oxford School Of Drama Graduate

Class of 2020

Oxford School of Drama Class of 2020 Graduate Louis brings an unmatched intensity to every role, captivating the audience and energizing every piece of work he does. The most exciting aspect is that he is only scratching the surface of his potential.


2020, Stage, Soldier/Patient/4, NO PARTICULAR ORDER, The Oxford School of Drama, Josh Roche

2019, Stage, Old Gentleman, ROBERTO ZUCCO, The Oxford School of Drama, Eliza Kessel, Enzo Benvenuti

2019, Stage, Reverend Samuel Parris, THE CRUCIBLE, The Oxford School of Drama, Cathal Cleary

2019, Stage, Valentine, THE TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA, The Oxford School of Drama, Marieke Audsley

2019, Stage, Don Felix, THE WONDER, The Oxford School of Drama, Cordelia Monsey

2018, Stage, Porfiry Semyonovich Glagolyev, WILD HONEY, The Oxford School of Drama, Max Key

2018, Stage, Creon, THE RIOT ACT, The Oxford School of Drama, Steve Woodward

2018, Stage, Sam Leadbitter, THIS HAPPY BREED, The Oxford School of Drama, Juliet Seal, Steve Woodward

2019, Film, Sea Captain, TWELFTH NIGHT, The Oxford School of Drama, Dylan Brown, Jack Shanks

2019, Radio, Bloodworth/Hewer/Browne, THE DIARY OF SAMUEL PEPYS, The Oxford School of Drama, Jane Morgan

2019, Radio, Mike, SETTING A GLASS, The Oxford School of Drama, Jane Morgan

2020, Rehearsed Reading, Jamie, BAD WEATHER, Bethany Holdsworth

2020, Rehearsed Reading, Philippe, RIVER BED, Jack Paterson

2018, Rehearsed Reading, Narrator, A CHRISTMAS CAROL, The Oxford School of Drama, Tommo Fowler

Louis Pieris Showreel
Cassius - Julius CaesarLouis Pieris
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Tom - SkylightLouis Pieris
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The HobbitLouis Pieris
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