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Neil Wilson

Senior Agent

Despite his relatively young age, Neil brings a wealth of experience to Newlands Global Talent. Educated at Hutchesons' Grammar School in Glasgow, with a degree in Finance and Economics from The Open University and a background rooted in business and finance. Neil has successfully launched multiple businesses, negotiating and executing high pressure and high stakes deals and has a skill set perfectly suited to taking Newlands Global Talent to the very top of the Agency ladder in the coming years.

Neil is resolute in his belief that open, honest communication is the absolute key to successful relationships between client and agent and always approaches each and every client as an individual, taking time to work with them to develop their own individual pathways, goals and ambitions. The five founding principles of NGT- Openness, Teamwork, Loyalty and Trust,  Availability and Encouragement are non-negotiable for him.

Neil has always enjoyed a passion for Sport, particularly Football and Rugby and is both an FA and FFA registered intermediary and an RFU registered agent. 

Neil is committed to making Newlands Global Talent, an exciting, inspiring and innovative agency both for clients and team members. We are focused on expanding and growing the business across our different divisions (with more to follow) in the months and years ahead. 

There is no place for egos here...

We are all about teamwork...

All for One and One for All...


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