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Odette Clark

Bath Spa University Graduate

Odette is a young, versatile London based actor specialising in both screen and stage acting. Having also worked on a short film as Aphria in Kobudai last year, she has a face for gritty period dramas. Her petite stance, as reflected in the film has helped her to excel in stage combat with a BASCC in both armed and unarmed combat, making her great for physical theatre pieces. Consequently, combining her strength in devising, having worked with Moonhouse Theatre she went on to celebrate the success of the four star physical theatre piece The Neat Freak at the Buxton Fringe Festival 2019.

Devising and physical theatre aside she has strong text and singing skills with an excellent ear for accents and attention to character psychoanalysis


  • ​2019, Short Film, Aphria, KOBUDAI, India Casson


  • 2019, Stage, Agnes/Various Roles, REVOLT. SHE SAID. REVOLT AGAIN., Bath Spa Productions, Charlie Henderson-Howat


  • 2019, Stage, Ensemble, THE NEAT FREAK, Moonhouse Theatre, Charlie Henderson-Howat


  • 2019, Stage, Freya Parks, WE ARE YOU - THE RUSSIAN SLEEP EXPERIMENT, Pureryudo Theatre, Luke Dickinson, Joey Young


  • 2018, Stage, Babe, CRIMES OF THE HEART, Bath Spa University, Gary Cassidy


  • 2018, Stage, Lucifer/Emperor, DR FAUSTUS, Lazarus Theatre Company, Ricky Dukes


  • 2018, Stage, Berowne, LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST, Bath Spa University, Roger Apfelbaum

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