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Sebastian Tomlinson

Actor Seb has already appeared in numerous productions on stage, in films and in adverts. As one of the brightest young Acting talents in the UK, Seb is set up for a wonderful future. He is currently preparing to perform in Aaron and Julia at the Space Theatre in London in November.


2020, Film, Toni, VOLANT VECTOR, One Of You Productions Ltd, Glen Matthew Smith

2020, Film, Will, TOP SECRET, Yang Hu

2020, Film, Larry, MISTAKE, Dian Yang

2019, Stage, Mark, 13 BY MIKE BARTLETT, ICAT, Oscar Pierce

2019, Stage, Romeo & Hamlet, THE WITCHES JAUNT, RSC - The Dell, Pavlos Christodoulou

2019, Stage, Toby (The Inheritance) Man (Lungs), GRADUATE SHOWCASE, ICAT, Joe Millson

2018, Stage, Dion/Various Roles, A WINTER´S TALE, ICAT, Esther Dix

2018, Commercial, Lead Role, WEHAVEBRANDS, Pitto Productions, Julian Pitto

2017, Television, Bobby Fischer, DESCONEGUTS, IB3TV, Toti Garcia

2017, Commercial, Boyfriend (Lead), COCIO, MN Studios

2019, Film, Stonehill, TRUE GRIT, Jack Osborne

2017, Stage, Mr Anderson, FRIGHT NIGHT, Phillip Rogen

2015, Film, Richard, PALS FOR LIFE, Rowbot Street, Daniel Rowbottom

2014, Film, Steve, IF I COULD RUN, Emily Ritchie

2013, Film, Ben, STIFFLE, Andrew Edwards

2014, Stage, Lysander / Flute / Thisbe, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, ICAT, Conor Mckee

2014, Stage, Lysander, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, Kel El

2014, Stage, Teddy and Ruth, THE HOME COMING, ICAT, Sean Greggory

2013, Stage, Dominic, BROKEN YOUTH, Warrick Casting, Lauren Warrick

2012, Stage, Rob, FORCE QUIT, Edinburgh Fringe, Andrew Williams

2013, Short Film, Gerrard, UNDER CONSTRUCTION, Salford University, Manuel Salvador Martinez

2012, Stage, Rob, FORCE QUIT, Andrew Williams

2012, Stage, Benviolio, ROMEO AND JULIET, Rib Caged, Owen Phillips

2011, Stage, Farther and Guard 1, THE TRAIL, Andrew Williams

2010, Stage, Igor, SCARE KINGDOM, Atmosphere, Jason Karl

2010, Television, Adam, SCOTT AND BAILEY (S1 EP1), Red Production

2018, Music Video, Dog Warden, WE ARE THE ANIMALS, Wreckless Digital Productions, Dominic Truscott

2019, Film school, Jack, SOCIAL MEDIA, Brighton Film School, Aprineh J

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