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Tony George-Owens

Tony Owens from Buxton in Derbyshire, has spent his whole life fascinated with the arts, from singing with his beloved Kinder Choirs (for which he is now a patron) since the age of 9 to performing in world premiers.


He has not had the stereotypical route into the business. After leaving school he wanted to challenge himself in a way he hadn't known before and decided to join the Royal Air Force, which he had a highly successful 10 year career in, however he still kept the fire for performing. Now he has returned to his love, full time and is completely dedicated to performing.

Tony is preparing to play the title role of Eddie in Birdsong in Bedlam in Bolton in 2021.




Romeo and Juliet (Romeo)

Grease (Sonny)

Just (Puppet  #2)

Black Milk (World Amateur Premier as lead role Lyovchik)

Oklahoma (Will Parker)

All Shook Up (Ensemble)

Rock of Ages (Ja'Keith Gill)

Fantasy Adventure Tony George-Owens
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Corporate TrainingTony George Owens
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